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    I’m putting this up as a forum kick-starter, it would really great to know if any of the content on this site is useful to you?
    I’m currently working on the second bathroom’s post and any criticism, praise or requests would be most useful.
    If you have a current issue – post away, either myself or the brains trust will do our combined best to answer it for you.

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    Your website was not long online before we were involved with a shoddy bathroom renovator.
    To say I depended on it was an understatement, last week we finally got our money back after 9 months without a bathroom.
    I used your information in my complaint to the Building Commission (BC), but given builder was unregistered it means, unfortunately, I now have to go to ACCC for the materials. We purchased tiles for unenclosed shower and without intervention or advice purchased wall tiles with a water absorbency of 18%!

    I was able to discern that the tiles purchased were NOT 1st grade, and the floor tiles were copies of the tiles we purchased and likely 3rds. The wall tiles were 18% water absorbent were 2nds too….none of the boxes or tiles were labelled to AS ISO standards. The materials for grouting, adherence, and waterproofing materials were incompatible.

    In fact every fault you speak about was discernible in these tiles..

    The BC however, insist I have to have “expert” evidence in the form of a tradeperson, written evidence is necessary with labelled photos. MUST be provided. I had 4 tradespeople and one inspector…..no-one wanted the job and the BC would not accept my evidence at all. So was NOT accepted.

    But I have managed to let me go through the ACCC.

    Thank you for your efforts for addressing the gap in public understanding. In fact I found the best websites for information, was this one, infotile: Tile Today magazine. Very professional-the most I have found.
    When I am fit again, and all this is over I am hoping to contact every association for support in addressing defective work due to lack of education, training due to unlicensed tradespeople being acceptable in WA. Furthermore to keep being licenced their should be a minimum requirement for number of hours for continuing professional development, in order to retain licencing. Given Gov. legislation fails to insist on this, Associations MUST take on this responsibility to protect trhe public.

    All tilers/workman I saw work on my home and my investment property were 457 visa holders. Cheap, unqualified men hired to fast track property development is a joke-especially when supervision is adhoc and is less important than meeting deadlines.

    Insist on being treated as professionals and pay and recognition follows. Be the leaders-do not leave it to government who are more interested in CUTTING RED TAPE for their property developer mates (party donors). Make it the profession that looks after the public – forma a bloody committtee with at least two public consumer representatives. Time we changed things for every-ones benefit.

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    It is hearing stories like yours that make me wish more could be done. I’m disgusted hearing about the red tape and in particular the lack of bite by those who are supposed to be overseeing quality in the industry. Reputable companies usually recognize a valid complaint and fix things quickly. I’m glad you got your money back but sorry you are still without a bathroom. I guess things can get out of hand when the tradespeople can pivot on the complaint and blame the tiles, but in your case it seems like the contracting company/supplier was not shaping up to take responsibility in the first instance. May you have better luck when you take delivery your new batch of tiles but as you already know, you can make a little of your own luck when you check everything out!

    Thanks for the feedback. There is a definitive gap in knowledge!
    Also in my previous career I had a bit of interaction with the people at Tile Today and it is a globally recognized and respected publication – they are good guys and some of their articles are outstanding – just my opinion and I’m glad you found them a good online source too!

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