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A do it yourself tile inspection guide – how to spot problems and report

borgogna2aWelcome to Tilespect. This is a guide to better tiling outcomes such as how to perform some quick checks to your newly delivered tiles. Many times I’ve been requested to advise on how to inspect tiles in the field before they are laid so I thought why not put it online.

The other most asked question is about how to clean problem marks on tiles and this is ongoing. See our page on tile cleaning..

I am using tile inspection methods I picked up in my 24 years in the tile industry when as a manufacturer’s representative I would be sent to observe and report back on tiling complaints. Later I became an importer and stockist and was reporting to my suppliers. It soon became apparent that knowing how to inspect tiles and report the relevant data is essential to getting an outcome. With the articles on how to clean tiles I am only going to use tests that I will record here which to me is the best approach because it lets you see the method in action. This is not going to be a promotion for some product and I am going to only use materials that anyone anywhere can access regardless of brand or location so I hope this helps you in the best way possible. “>

Below are some pages I suggest that you read from this site. I hope they really help you and I only ask that you let me know your suggestions and how better I can assist you by using the contact page from the top menu.
Pages links: Tile Inspection
1) Tile Quality and You
2) Four checks you must make immediately when the tiles are delivered;
3) Seven point Tile Quality Quick Inspection (before installation)
4) When a tiled area doesnt seem quite right. Tiling defects?

Outdoor porcelain tiling

Outdoor porcelain tiling

how to inspect tiles

basin and mesh tiles

A prompt sheet to help you quickly get on with your checks is available for free download.  You can refer to pages 2 and 3 for detailed information on what each check means and how to conduct each inspection on your tiles.This gives you tips on how to inspect tiles, perform quality checks and tile defects to look out for.

I am still working on cleaning tips and I am going to take a a simple approach by simply filming and experimenting – please come back soon for the first instalment.

The guide on how to inspect tiles in this site requires no fancy equipment, just stuff you might already have close by, and the important thing here is “> to know how to put together a few types of measurements to assist you to better articulate any issues you might have to your supplier.

Also I prepared a quick prompt /record sheet , free to open and save or print. Just click on one of these links;

PDF: Do_It_yourself_tile_check_form

docx: Do_It_yourself_tile_check_form

So good reading and in case you find the material useful then please share this site with your friends, customers and suppliers.

I am also toying with the idea of setting up a forum. There are already quite a few out there, some deal very well with tiling and installation problems and are moderated by tilers, others handle consumer complaints and queries, not many deal with the issue of how to inspect tiles. There are also quite a few brand cleaning and tiling product websites that advse on how to clean tiles however they do so from the perspective of the applications for their own brands or using products only available in their own markets.

Anyway all of this is in the future. Take care and use the contact page to say hello! “>

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