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Cleaning Tile Grout

Ever wondered how to clean the grout fill in the joints between your tiles? Ceramic or porcelain tile joints, filled with either cement based or resin based grout usually discolours without the appropriate cleaning method. The most common causes of the discolouration are;

Scum on Tile joints Unfortunately the average soap based cleaner is also the source of the scum build up. The best approach to Ceramic Tile Grout and Joint Cleaning is to use a mild,  acid based cleaner that is also safe. Tile Cleaning Tips – just for starters Best method for Cleaning Tile Grout

Basic concepts: Soap based cleaners cause build up of scum. This soap scum is actually the cause of most of the typical darkening of tilles and grout lines. The solution is really simple and inexpensive.
Scum on grout lines can be cleaned with citrus cleaner, vinegar, even citric acid (found the in the cake baking section of the grocery store) and a plastic brush, (an old toothbrush is the perfect size and shape) Grout lines come up like new. Just spray on y citrus cleaner or splash a bit of vinegar diluted in water, and remove with a brush. An old toothbrush is perfect. It should look like new.Choose and acid based cleaner. Lots of people recommend white vinegar because it does work (a bit smelly though). I prefer citrus cleaner. Just spray on and mop off and it is inexpensive. If you prefer just use your normal soap based cleaner and whenever you notice build up, switch to the acid based cleaner.


Check out this video for a demo:

Baking soda is often recommended. I’ve tried it and while the results are variable, try it if nothing else works. acid types  

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