problems with delivery of tiles

September 22, 2015 - Tilespect

tile inspection checklist – Checks To Make When Your Tiles Are Delivered

This is check to ensure that your delivery of tiles and tiling materials matches your order.

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Try to perform these without cutting open the rain resistant protective tile pallet wrap. Better still, store your tiles in a dry area and undercover until the tiling (tile installation)is about to begin.

When your delivery of tiles arrives the following tile inspection checklist can be performed.

1) Count the stock (number of tile cartons and tile pallets. Is there enough to do the job? Has it been all delivered? Each pallet and each carton will state the number of covered square metres per pallet/carton. Was the correct metreage delivered?

2) The delivery of tiles should be have cartons and pallets that are clearly labelled. Check against these labels for the tile product names, product codes, tile sizes and colours are all correct. Is there anything missing? Are there any discrepancies?

problems with delivery of tiles

Damaged tile pallet

3) Check the tile shade, batch number and caliber are all the same for each product. If the consigment of tiles is split into different batches is there a work-around? (is the job divided into different areas or rooms?)

4) Check for transport related damage which is visible, such as tile breakage, boxes or perhaps evidence of impact from a forklift? Take photos and estimate the quantity. Occasionally pallets are handled roughly or dropped and tile breakages are hidden inside.

Any tiling material delivery issues should be taken up with your supplier on the same day. Also there may be a simple explanation or fix so have the results of your checks with you when you call.

Tile quality and ceramic tile inspection is best done early – don’t delay checking out your tiles.

Once you have checked the delivery of tiles and materials matches your tile order  you can proceed to the tile quality problems random check. Just click on the links above the page header.

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